Solar Power Systems

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solar power systems

Solar power systems have grown in popularity and have come down in cost over the past few years.

Every solar power system has a few basic components that you need to understand before selecting the right one for you. The most obvious component is usually the solar panels placed on the roof. However, solar panels do not just go on the roof. Some people install them on the side of a hill facing towards the south and run cables into the house from there. Others use portable solar panels when camping or RVing.

The biggest thing is to get the solar panels pointed towards the sun to capture the most sunlight possible. If you are in the Northern Hemisphere you will want to point your panels towards the South and if you are in the Southern Hemisphere, you will want to point your panels towards the North.

Cables bring the electricity in from the panels to the battery charge controller inside the house. Solar energy systems depend on a bank of batteries to store energy. This energy is available throughout the day and night. That means that solar energy is not just a sunny day activity.

The charge controller regulates how much power ends up going to the battery bank. To prolong the life of the batteries, the controller makes sure that none of the batteries are overcharged or under charged. Once full charging happens, the controller stops the current from going to the battery bank.

Batteries hold electricity in the form of direct current power. The electrical devices in your home do not work with direct current power. Connected to the charge controller is an Inverter. This is the device that takes the direct current power from the batteries and changes it into alternating current at the proper voltage to run the electrical devices in your house.

Most inverters lose about 10% of the power during the conversion process. However, the energy coming out is fully capable of powering all of the appliances throughout the house. These are the basic components of any solar power system installed in a home.

Solar power systems can also be much larger. Some modern skyscrapers use thin-film technology to capture solar energy and use it inside the building.

solar power systems Power towers concentrate solar power through mirrors up to the top of a large tower that converts the suns energy into usable power. Some of these systems still require batteries and inverters for proper power utilization. Others use the power to heat steam to run generators that are hooked directly to the power grid.

However, solar energy systems provide an excellent source of reliable renewable energy. They can work in any country around the world. They are fantastic for areas that do not have a source of consistent power. They are great for countries in the process of reducing their dependence on fossil fuels. They are excellent for new or established homes.

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