Solar Lights

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solar lights

There are many forms of solar lights. These lights can be used inside and outside, in residential, commercial and industrial settings. No matter where they are used, solar lighting all starts out the same way. Each light stores energy during the day and then uses the stored energy as a source to power the lights when it is dark. They use no electricity and depending on how much energy they are able to store, can stay lit all night.

There are many varieties of solar powered lighting. Many lights are used as ornamental lighting. In the garden there are walkway lights to outline paths, solar powered garden lights, to light up various plants in the garden. One can also buy solar post lights that can highlight seating areas. Solar accent lighting, solar driveway lights, and on and on, the list of light types and fixtures is nearly unlimited. It is becoming so that any type of outdoor light you can think of can be made as a solar powered one.

There are a few drawbacks to solar powered lighting. No sunshine during the day can mean no light at night. If the light is not placed in the right spot, it will not get the direct sunlight it needs and thus even though it is sunny out, the cells may not be recharged. Because the energy is contained in rechargeable batteries, and a rechargeable battery only lasts about two years, one must make sure that those batteries are always in top shape so that optimal performance is received from them.

solar lights

Another drawback is the upfront cost. Setting up a solar lighting system can cost more than an electrical setup at the beginning. The lighting fixtures that use solar energy have decreased a lot in price over the years, but they still cost more than normal fixtures. On the positive side, there are many rebates and credits that one might be eligible for. These rebates can vary depending on the type of fixture purchased and where in the world you live. The best benefit to a solar energy system is that there are no costs for electricity with these fixtures. One less bill, or even a smaller one, is always a huge benefit.

Lastly, going green with solar lights will be beneficial to the environment. Every little bit that we can each do will help to replace some of the resources that we have taken from the planet. We all should see a benefit in that, if not for us personally, then for our children, and their children.

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