Solar Energy Products

There are many companies that manufacture solar energy products. Here are some links to the leading companies' websites, along with a small description of the company.

Carmanah -- PV Panels

Manufacturer and supplier of LED lighting and solar photovoltaic systems. Canadian and international sales of solar energy products.

Evergreen Solar -- String Ribbon PV

"Our mission is simple: Deliver more electricity with less impact on our environment. That means engineering as much electricity as possible out of our String Ribbon® solar panels, while reducing the silicon consumption and carbon emissions that go into making the product."

Kyocera Solar -- PV Panels

"Kyocera is one of the world's largest vertically-integrated producers and suppliers of solar energy products."

Sharp Solar -- PV Panels

"Working toward the day when every American home and business will draw its electricity from the sun"

Kaneka Solar Panels

-- PV Panels

"Kaneka's accumulated expertise now makes it possible to offer next-generation energy all over the world through its advanced PV systems that empower individuals to take a proactive environmental role in their daily lives."

G.E. Solar Panels – PV Panels

"G.E. is imagination at work, from jet engines to power generation, financial services to water processing, and medical imaging to media content, GE people worldwide are dedicated to turning imaginative ideas into leading products and services that help solve some of the world’s toughest problems."

Sanyo Solar Panels – PV Panels

"More than 30 years of experience in solar technology has earned us a reputation for reliability among our customers."

Schott Solar Panels -- PV Panels

"Schott Solar has over 52 years experience in solar technology."

Shell Solar Panels

– PV Panels

"Through partnerships with environmental experts and by using new technologies we are finding new ways to help reduce the impact of our operations on the environment."

Siemens Solar Panels – Solar panels and solar hot water heaters

"Siemens is a global powerhouse in electronics and electrical engineering, and operates in the industry, energy and healthcare sectors."

B.P. Solar Panels – PV Panel

"Solar power is the answer if you're concerned about using cleaner energy that helps you save money – as well as safeguarding the environment"

– PV Cells and panels

"Without SunPower, the story of solar could not be written. The fact is, we’ve been responsible for major industry milestones since our inception in 1985, and we continue to break all records and every rule."

Suntech Solar Panels – PV Panels

"Suntech develops, manufactures, and delivers the world’s most reliable and cost-effective solar energy solutions. Founded in 2001 by leading solar scientist Dr. Zhengrong Shi, we are the world’s largest producer of silicon solar modules."

Yingli Solar Panels – PV Panels

"Yingli Green Energy Holding Company Limited, who holds the brand Yingli Solar, is a leading solar energy company and one of the world's largest vertically integrated photovoltaic manufacturers."

Malibu Solar Lights

– Solar Lights

Malibu, the leading landscape lighting brand, has been making lighting systems to enhance the beauty, safety and security of American homes for almost 40 years.

Westinghouse Solar Lights – PV Panels

"For more than a century, the Westinghouse name has stood for reliability and innovation. It began in 1886, when George Westinghouse introduced the first alternating current (AC) electrical system which soon powered every American home and business."

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Solar Energy Products