Solar Energy Facts

Make Sure You Know the Facts from the Myths

solar energy facts

Solar energy facts often get intermingled with myth. In order to make a solid assessment of solar power, you need to know the facts. Solar energy is present today in homes and businesses around the world. It is a common way to provide energy for spacecrafts.

Many homeowners use it to heat water in their houses. Some adventurers take a portable solar panel with them when they go camping to power various appliances. Solar energy is not a passing fad. Humans have used it in various ways since the beginning. They designed homes to take advantage of solar warmth and light. Many ancient cultures worshiped the sun as a god.

solar energy facts The sun is over 100 times bigger than the planet Earth. Its surface rises to well over 5500°C. Currently, solar cells can convert about 15% of the energy it receives from the sun into electricity. Despite that fact, capturing just a fraction of the sun's energy would power any industrialized nation many times over. The latest figure is that the Earth gets enough energy from the sun in a single hour to power the world for an entire year.

The world's largest solar power plant sits in the Mojave Desert of North America. If utilized, the Sahara desert of Africa could provide 450 TW per year. Even at today's standards, the world only uses about 15 TW every year. That would give us a surplus to last many centuries into the future.

solar energy facts

The basic technology of solar energy collection is a silicone solar cell. However, more and more technologies look to thin film to collect solar energy.

The largest cost of producing a silicone solar cell is the cost of the silicone itself. The next largest cost is the materials used to assemble the entire solar module. Labor costs are minimal compared to these two factors.

The market for solar energy technologies continues to grow as more people learn the real solar energy facts. Countries around the world have initiatives in place to start replacing fossil fuel energy with solar powered energy.

Solar energy provides clean renewable energy. It does not put pollutants into the air as fossil fuels do. Costs continue to decline every year.

Power companies can use solar energy on a large scale. Homeowners can use it on a small scale. This makes it a good option for countries and people around the world. These are some of the solar energy facts about the market today.

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