Solar Energy Diagram

solar energy diagram

A solar energy diagram can help make understanding how solar power works much easier.

Solar energy is used for many things these days. It is used in the home to heat the swimming pool, as a source of energy for much of the lighting, especially ornamental and walkway lighting. It can also be used for bigger items such as air conditioners and other such things, depending on how the homeowner has things set up.

Not all diagrams are easily understood, some can be a bit too complicated and confusing for someone who is just trying to get the “basic” concept. If you look at school websites, sometimes you can find diagrams and information that starts out basic, but then builds up until you can actually understand what is trying to be conveyed. A good example of a solar energy diagram is from the School Gen website. Their website is here. If you take a look at this diagram, you will get a picture of how solar energy gets from the sun and into a form to make your air conditioning run.

There are many ways one can capture and use the sun’s energy but one of the most common is the use of PV or photovoltaic technology. This process is accomplished by setting up solar panels in a spot that gets good light, then as the sunlight hits the panels, it hits the solar PV modules and once the photons in the sunlight are exposed, they bust loose and create an electrical current. This current is then captured and channeled through a charge controller and then goes to the battery system for storage or to an inverter for immediate power usage. It sounds like a very complicated process but having a solar power diagram makes it a bit easier to understand.

There is much to consider before setting up a solar energy system that are not covered by the solar energy diagram. There are cost considerations, space considerations, to start with. Then there are smaller things, but just as important, things such as shadows, winds, high temperatures, ice and snow can all effect how well your solar panels work. It is important that you take care to think about these elements before you set up your panels so that you can make provisions to alter your position if need be. If you take the time and money to set up a solar energy system, you want as few problems as possible.

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Solar Energy Diagram