Understanding Solar Energy Advantages and Disadvantages

solar energy advantages disadvantages

What are some of the solar energy advantages and disadvantages? Let us look at the disadvantages first. The primary disadvantage of using solar energy is the cost involved at the beginning. Installation costs can run up into the tens of thousands of dollars.

The cost is lower if you are talking about building a new home with solar energy integrated. The cost is a bit higher if you are talking about adding it to an existing home.

Governments at both the state and national levels attempt to offset these initial costs with tax deductions and credits. Some states and provinces even allow you to sell energy back to the power company if your demand is less than what your system produces.

What are some of the other solar energy advantages and disadvantages? Installation cost is about the only disadvantage. There are dozens of advantages to adding solar power collection to your home's infrastructure.

solar energy advantages disadvantages After installation costs, you have an endless source of power. The best part is that that it does not cost you a thing. Some people actually make a profit every year by selling excess energy back to the utility companies. Over the past few decades, homeowners with solar power systems installed report very little maintenance is required. That means that every year you do not have to put in a great deal of money to keep things running properly. Overall, solar energy is a great advantage for your pocketbook.

Another significant advantage of solar energy is that it causes no pollution. Burning fossil fuels of any sort leads to some level of pollutants released into the environment. With solar power, this is not a worry. The sun powers the solar energy panels which lead into the house electrical system. The process neither burns nor releases any pollutants during the entire cycle. These are just couple of the solar energy advantages and disadvantages.

Some people worry about what a solar panel system will look like on the roof. Tech knowledge in the past few years has advanced a great deal. They have also significantly changed in terms of design.

Many solar roof systems now resemble traditional roofing materials. That means your home will not stand out in your neighborhood even though you get your energy in a different way. That is a significant advantage for those that want to maintain or improve their property value. Hopefully, you now feel you have the facts about solar energy's advantages and disadvantages.

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