Portable Solar Power

Solar Power on the Move

portable solar power

Portable solar power is one of the latest creations in solar energy. So what is it? Besides being a rather strange looking contraption that you might have driven past on the freeway, it is a wonderful resource for those who need power on the go. Tucked away in a little trailer are all the components that one needs to collect energy, store it in the batteries and then send it back out to power appliances.

Many think of diesel or gas engines when they think of generators, they are cheaper to buy up front, but in the long run they cost more and they are not planet friendly. Using a portable solar power source is much cleaner for the environment and will save you money in the long run. Not to mention that depending on the type you buy and where you are located there may be rebates, refunds or credits you may be eligible for.

portable solar power A portable solar energy device can be used for countless things. Contractors and road crews can use these for power on jobsites. People working in remote areas can just bring their power along. RVer’s have a special use for these portable solar devices as they live on portable power in many instances. Having the less noisy and cleaner smelling solar power will be of great benefit to them. There are many applications that one can find to use these devices with.

As always, there are a few negatives, there are space issues, the bigger the panels the more power. This can be a problem when you are trying to be portable, but engineers are constantly coming up with ways to make the panels less obtrusive while one is not using them. The initial cost of the item is always a negative, and it is always a bit difficult to pay more for something with the promise that “in the long run” it will be cheaper. But most of the time, those promises turn out to be true. If you just keep your mind focused on things like the planet, how the planets resources are dwindling, that we all need to do something to help, then switching to a portable solar power device will be easier.

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Portable Solar Power