DIY Solar Power

diy solar power

With so many "Do It Yourself" type television shows, it is only natural that some may be looking into DIY solar power as well. There are a wide variety of solar power kits that one can purchase, and it seems like it should be a rather simple task, but is it really? Not only that, but how safe is it to be out there messing around with electricity and wires and such? Should a homeowner set up their own home solar energy system?

Questions like these and others may be going through your mind if you are considering starting this DIY project. Some DIY projects are an easy answer. It doesn’t take too much thought to know if you can do something or not, but when it comes to solar energy, it may make you wonder a bit, can someone really do this without training? Well no one really can answer these questions but you, yourself. Many can offer advice, and they naturally will.

Some are of the opinion that a DIY solar power installation is a very bad thing. They point out that this is a dangerous task that it can be quite complicated and only a qualified electrician should undertake it or one might install something incorrectly and end up with an energy draining system rather than a saving one.

Others feel that setting up homemade solar power is really fairly easy and pretty much anyone can do this with little experience or knowledge of electricity. They are of the opinion that this project is an "easy" project and most persons should be able to complete the installation with little problem. They point out the installation costs one can save by making this a DIY solar power installation. The labor in having this system installed can be quite expensive and unless you go with a reputable company you might get a bad installation anyways.

It seems that there are many opinions on which is best for this DIY solar power project, but ultimately, it is the homeowner who will need to decide. If you have some electrical experience, feel confident in your knowledge, then using just a kit should work out well for you. You may even be able to build your own solar panel.

DIY solar power If you do decide to go ahead and install your own solar energy system, it is a good idea to consult your local Electrical Code. A copy of this book of rules is available at your local library, and at your local home building supply store. By following the rules in the Electrical Code, you will make sure you build a system that is safe for you and your family as well as the local electrical system.

However, if you aren’t so sure—it's better to be safe than sorry. Hire a reputable professional to install the home solar panels and rest easier knowing you have done your part to help keep the world a little greener, save yourself some money, all while keeping your home and family safe.

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